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"Deepak Bajaj understands the intricate connection between the heart and mind and, what's more, he knows how to bridge those gaps between the two that lead to such strife and conflict in our everyday lives. He has the uncanny ability to get to the very root of the matter in a surprisingly short time and his solutions, like himself, have their foundations in practicality, compassion and humour. The discomfort of addressing your own core issues is helped greatly by the fact that Deepak will approach the problem from an absolute place of non-judgement and a no-nonsense attitude that leaves you feeling complete and that you have finally been able to glimpse some light in all the shadows. His greatest gift perhaps is that he helps you to help yourself - with simple, easy, applicable exercises that serve you in good stead for the rest of your life.
Whether or not you are in trouble in some way, a conversation with this man is probably one of the best things you will ever do to start walking the path to true self discovery."

Sangeetha Shinde - Author, Editor and Seeker, Belgium


I am a person who is very analytical and logical and I initially found it difficult to connect with cranio sacral therapy, although I was very open to trying it. I came to Deepak as a next step on my journey of personal development as I felt I would benefit from bodywork. In the initial sessions, I was quite tense and unable to relate to was happening during the therapy. During later sessions, I vividly relived deeply buried memories from my childhood, which were unconsciously influencing my current functioning. It was an almost spiritual experience as I could vividly feel and see the textures and colours of my childhood home and experience the emotional climate of my family when I was a child. In other sessions, I felt very calm, still and nurtured, with no thoughts intruding. I have experienced tension and stiffness in my body for as long as I can remember. After sessions with Deepak, I feel more fluid and relaxed. I have been able to take major life decisions with ease, have become more present, creative and playful at work and with my family, and have begun to connect with my authentic self. Deepak has a calm, grounded and unconditional presence and his cranio- sacral sessions have been soulful and very meaningful.



The subtlety and clarity of his work creates deep shifts, through honoring and creating passages for transformation. Deepak is very understanding, intuitive and listens to you and what your body has to say for you. No matter if you come for treatment of physical problems or emotional imbalance it will be a learning experience for you where you will meet yourself on a deeper level.

Deepak has also created/ decorated the Shambala Clinic lovingly by himself, one really feels pampered and completely cared for, thus you can relax and allow yourself to watch the changes, re-arrangements and healing of your body, mind and emotions taking place.

Thank you very much !

Anonymous !



I hope it's not too over the top but it's my truth

"What would I do?  Where would I be without Deepak?  Less clear. Less content. Less radiantly comfortable with myself and God.
I've known him for 10 years and always always, he brings clarity and comfort, love and compassion, as well as,  giggles and humor.
Thanks Deepak. Thank you for being you."

Patricia Miklautsch, Bali, Indonesia and San Francisco, California"

November 2013


Few months back, I was suffering from missing heart beats and cardiac doctors suggested detailed tests. However, one of my friends suggested to meet Deepak and it was a revelation. After about 5 sessions of CST therapy, my heart beats became normal. The ECG post treatment with Deepak, showed normal readings!!

Also, the inner energy I regained and the extended courage to face the unimaginable cinematic type problems that I faced in life; all bows me towards CST and Deepak... I highly recommend his therapy for reassuring your life when you are in deep trouble."

John Cherian

IT Professional, Bangalore

Jan, 2013


When I did my first session with Deepak, I felt sensations of white, healing light coursing through my body and bursts... like stars flashing. I couldn't quite understand what this therapy was all about. All I knew was that it was deeply relaxing and in the beginning I would just dose off. After several sessions I became aware of movements and realignments taking place. I feel all healing takes place within our core while we are truly relaxed... I must admit I am still amazed at the way craniosacral therapy facilitates this deep sense of support and inner healing by the body's own wisdom. Deepak being a trained psychotherapist also is an added advantage. He has healing hands.




I came to cranio-sacral therapy with Deepak Bajaj to correct a dance-based pelvic misalignment that I had carried for about 5 years. I soon realised that cranio-sacral therapy works at the deepest level of being where one's soul meets the body. After each of my 10 sessions I felt I was being helped through a complete deconstruction and reconstruction of not just my body but also my life. (I 'happened' to be also going through a major life transition and I felt deeply supported by this therapy and by my body to transition with much ease and grace). My pelvic realignment happened almost as a happy side - effect. I feel 95% improvement at the end of 10 sessions and I hope a few more will bring 100% alignment.

Deepak is an empathic and very knowledgeable therapist and I am very grateful for his professional skills as well as his human connect. He has created a beautiful, safe and healing space at The The Shambhala Clinic and I felt nurtured by it every time I visited. I hope many will benefit from Deepak, his centre and cranio-sacral therapy. 

Nilima Bhat (Sampurnah Integrative Medicine Clinic)

+91 9886700026

Sampurnah Holistic Health Sciences


The  imagery of The Shambhala Clinic ,expresses to me the meaning of Craniosacral therapy!

The fluidity and ease that has generated in my life. I had no idea of the extras that would come into my life.

I started this therapy, with a history of a twice damaged foot, further complicated with soft tissue damage Physiotherapy offered temporary relief and nothing more.

I felt a re alignment of the tendons, tissues and muscles in my injured foot, with the constant nagging pain decreasing, allowing me to walk normally.

CST is not a miracle cure. It is a process, initiated by Deepak who is skilled, intuitive and solidly grounded in himself and the subject of  anatomy . The touch is light – the idea being to activate our inner connections, get all the synapses firing!

The sessions have put me in touch with my inner workings, something I wish had taken place in my life much earlier.

Having been a asthmatic for 33 years, I noticed a major change in this area. My pills have reduced drastically. I feel that my system has been skillfully fine tuned. The other secondary bonus is a stillness within myself, allowing me to greet life with more fullness.

For me CST is an ongoing fascinating journey of explorations of the internal and external complex connections of body, mind and spirit. I will continue joyously.

An added bonus is that the treatment room at Shambhala is serene inviting relaxation.

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I experienced and realized the mind-body connection through Craniosacral therapy. It works in all the levels physical, mental, and emotional healing. It relieved me from headache, stiff neck and pain, stress and tension-related problems and emotional difficulties.

Every session gave me a sense of relaxation, ease mood and developed a positive perspective towards handling life and issues.

It releases the stress and makes the body feel lighter experiencing the body as if floating in the Space. As one experience complete relaxation and is at ease, gets immediate benefit in ability to focus, sit straight, breathe more deeply, feel lighter, comfortable emotionally, ease in relationship handling.

This therapy can also be used to maintain health for occasional tuning up, reorganizing. Sometimes the system gets tired and one feels low and disturbed unable to deal with outside world this therapy helps one to relax and rest which is deeply healing in itself.

Minnu Kejriwal

Visual Artist and Research Scholar  


I am very grateful that I tried Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Deepak. It was a powerful experience for me...

It deepened my belief in Touch & Healing through the body. During my sessions some of the psychological changes that I experienced were very healing & powerful. These were integrated into my body and mind . For example my struggles with some of my significant relationships would lead to psychological games. I just moved out of it with ease. It was such a freeing experience physically & emotionally.

I knew from all my practices that dealing with pain was very important. At the same time it was not in my control when I was in that particular situation. After one of the sessions when I was driving back home thinking about a particular issue, my body seemed to just move into pain while my thoughts seem to support being in the pain. 
That shift was very significant. For example, Yoga Gurus say that in any asana one can stay as long as one wants, when there is comfort with the physical discomfort and pain. 
Now I can stay in my situation with balance & harmony. This has also positively affected my relationship to pain.

Thank you!! 

[Psychotherapy Trainee]

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