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Human Edge & You

He who knows others is  learned

He who knows himself is wise

Lao Tse

Core  life-skills is key to ensuring that every human being maximizes his/her own functionality, resulting in enhanced  productivity, creativity , commitment and group empowerment . While an individual may have the requisite technical skills, he/she would need these to be adequately complemented with life skills, to optimize performance and productivity. Hence , inculcating  Life-skills to employees is key to organizational  success. Every organization which has nurtured and enabled   human potential has  derived  exponential benefits in superior organizational and individual culture, growth and profitability  

The Life-skills practice is committed to delivering  this innovative  well  tried and  trusted   -

[ Human  -  Edge & You ]   methodology to provide solutions for employees.

The training of 16 hours which is skewed to the required objectives of the company aims to provide an insight into the dynamics of one’s personality, from a psychological perspective. It enables the individual to become aware, to acknowledge and to act on his/her cognitive and emotionally limiting   areas. To understand Stress, which is intra psychic and also environmentally induced.

Individuals who have resolved grey areas in their lives, increase their social and professional functioning on a continuum, thereby enhancing productivity.

Post the workshop,Confidential Therapeutic Individual Sessions are offered.

Awareness and clarity of my needs, my   behavior  and  my  responses 

in any situation leads me towards fulfillment of my individual and group goals or away from them.


Deepak Bajaj

Indicative Domains in Self Awareness


  • The Spectrum of Feelings
  • Self Evaluation with Critical Awareness
  • Personality Structure & Ego States
  • Transactions.Cross versus Adult
  • Identification of Needs
  • Issues & Hidden Issues
  • Anger. Primary & Secondary
  • Boundaries
  • Beliefs. Systems create Outcome
  • The Wheel of Wellness
  • Transpersonal Domain
  • Defense Mechanisms