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What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is an exceptionally gentle therapy which assists the body’s natural ability to restore itself to a state of optimum health.

This is accomplished by using very light touch to tune into the rhythms of the body’s craniosacral system which expresses its subtle motion throughout the many layers of the body.  By following these rhythms, a skilled Craniosacral Therapist works to create the ideal conditions for tensions or restrictions held in the body fluids and tissues to soften and gently release.  This enables the body to function in a more balanced and harmonious way.

What does it do?

By stimulating the body’s self-healing mechanisms, Craniosacral Therapy helps to dissipate the negative effects of stress by enabling the central nervous system to rest, rejuvenate and re-organise itself in a way that provides increased potential for positive and healthy change.


Why have Craniosacral Therapy?

People are drawn to Craniosacral Therapy for a wide range of reasons depending on their physical, emotional or psychological needs at any given time.

Some come for sessions as a resource to help them maintain a sense of wellbeing in their busy lives, or to seek release from aches, pains and other conditions – especially after illness or a traumatic event.  Others come to seek support for their personal development, to re-awaken their senses and enhance their spirtual, physical and emotional wellbeing – a kind of gentle ‘massage for the soul’.

Craniosacral Therapy can also be used to complement other therapies, including counselling or psychotherapy, when it can help integrate and sustain their positive effects.  It is not intended to replace the advice you receive from, or the relationship you have with,  your medical practitioner.


What does a session involve?

Your medical history will be taken and you will have the opportunity to discuss what brings you to the session.

A typical session begins with you lying down, fully clothed, on a comfortable therapy couch.  Using their hands, your Therapist will then make very light contact with various places on your body and ask you to provide feedback from time to time so that you can speak about what you are experiencing as your body starts to tell its own story.

Craniosacral Therapy is a non-invasive therapy and does not use any manipulative techniques.

What will I experience?

Since each of us is unique, people respond to Craniosacral Therapy in different ways.  Many clients report experiencing warmth, tingling sensations or gentla pulsations during sessions, often experiencing a deeply relaxed state and sometimes drifting off into a light sleep.  In common with most holistic therapies, clients may occasionally experience slight discomfort following a session as the body re-organises itself and adapts to the release of previously held patterns.